Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Kyle Leon Scam - Avoid the vaginal discharge

To avoid the discharge follows the advice of a gynecologist, read:

1-Wear clothes that do not compress the genital region the pants should be wider, for lightweight fabrics and not synthetic check it over here

2 - Underwear should be washed with soap and coconut soap. The use of fabric softeners and bleaches are not recommended because such products adhere to the fiber of the fabric and can lead to the development of chemical virginities;

3-in preference to the use of cotton panties Avoid synthetic fabrics such as nylon or lyre. A good option is to use the nighttime to let the skin breathe genital region, for that woman can sleep without underwear;
4-for intimate hygiene use mild soap or appropriate products for the hygiene of the genital region. Avoid soaps and moisturizers or creams that contain dyes,
5-vaginal showers can remove the natural protection of the vagina, favoring the growth of fungi or bacteria, so are not recommended;
6-dry underwear in a dry and airy preferably exposed to the sun. And pass with iron knickers before use;
7-For hair removal in the genital area should always be used disposable wax and observe the hygiene of the place that offers the service;
8-During menstruation, replace the pad as often as necessary, depending on the flow and with a minimum of three times a day check it over here

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